Scottie Savers ClubScottie Savers Club for Kids 12 and under

The Scottie Savers Club is for children who are 12 years old and younger. Scottie Savers teaches children good savings habits and the value of money. Scottie Savers Club members earn one Scottie Buck for every $10 they deposit. Children redeem Scottie bucks for prizes.

Scottie Savers members also receive:
  • A membership card, passbook, passbook holder and one Scottie buck when they join
  • Scottie Savers 1-year Share Certificate with an above market rate and a $100 minimum to open. Make deposits at any time up to $30,000 per term. "The Share Certificate transfers
    to a regular one-year Share Certificate when it comes up for maturity after the child reaches 18 years old.
    Click here for current rates.
  • Savings Account dividends paid on balances of $5 or more
  • Stickers each time they come in
  • A birthday card
Call (518) 783-2211 or 1-888-783-2211 for more information.