Loan Skip-A-Payment


Need a break from your loan payment this holiday?

Then Skip-A-Payment!
If you're having trouble finding the extra money you need for holiday shopping, then Holiday Skip-A-Payment can help add some extra room in your budget by providing you with a break from making your loan payment during the holiday season.

How does Holiday Skip-A-Payment work?
If your loan is at least six months old and not past due, you can skip one payment in November, December or January. When you skip your payment, your loan term will advance by one month. Be aware that interest will continue to accrue on your loan and a greater portion of your next payment will be applied to pay the accrued interest. Only vehicle loans and personal loans are eligible for Holiday Skip-A-Payment.

Is there a fee for Holiday Skip-A-Payment?
There's a fee of $35 per loan (or $50 if your loan payment is $500 or more), which must be paid prior to the Holiday Skip-A-Payment. The fee can be paid by check or withdrawn from savings or checking.

How do I set up Holiday Skip-A-Payment?
You need to sign a Holiday Skip-A-Payment Form which is available on our web site. You can fax, mail or bring it into our office. Call (518) 783-2211, ext. 248 to speak with a Financial Services Representative for more information.