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Mobile Money: affordable banking and valuable information

Now that you're making your own decisions, you need affordable banking products and advice to help you get the most out of your money.

Mobile Money Checking

Mobile Money Checking Account is our most affordable checking account with no monthly fees, free purchases and withdrawals using your debit card, free mobile banking with mobile check deposit and access to thousands of surcharge-free ATMs and shared branches. 

Free gift cards
For every two BALANCETrack modules you successfully complete, you’ll receive a $25 VISA® gift card.

A credit card to pay your way
If you're a college student with a limited credit history, the Money Rules! College Rewards VISA®  will help you take a giant step toward responsible credit use.  The College Rewards Visa® Card allows you to establish a solid credit history while earning valuable rewards. You must be attending a two or four year college or university.

First-time car loan
We offer loans especially for Mobile Money members who are first-time car buyers. The program is for young adults who have been working for at least 12 months, who make at least $18,000 per year, and who have a little or no credit history. Loans up to $15,000 are available. We will lower rate by 1% if you make on-time payments for 12 consecutive months (applies to members with no credit history at the time of application.)

CUScholar Private Student Loans 
Federal loans won’t cover the cost of your college education? The CUScholar Private Student Loan can be the answer to your funding needs. Borrow as little as $2,000 or as much as $30,000 per year for a maximum of $120,000 in undergraduate loans or $160,000 in graduate loans.

Knowledge is power
You’ll have access to valuable online tools to teach you how to use banking products.

Mobile Money membership requires you to open a savings account. 
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